Most stable JMDM Reliable sand table light control board

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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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light control board
JMDM Stable and reliable sand table light control board
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working voltage:
20 channels
communication type:
RS232, RS485
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Supply Ability:
1000 Set/Sets per Month
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packed by air bubble film and then shipping carton
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Product Description
      Most stable JMDM Reliable sand table light control board

 JMDM-COM20MR is a high reliable stability of industrial single-chip digital serial controller, relay controller,Onboard 20 10A large - capacity relay which independent research and development by Shenzhen jingmin digital machine Co.,Ltd. it is focused on the 20-channnal 10A of large load control, such as lightning, heating wire, power switch, and the other high-power devices, and collect 4-channel I/O input signal contemporary; Can be connected photoelectric, capacitive, inductive, Hall-style and a variety of sensors and input switch, convenient to plenty of industrial and civil application occasion of stroke switch, infrared switch of the signal detection and condition input to control the output action.

The products have following characters:

1). Product design and quality: professional industrial-grade high reliable of lighting prevention and anti-strong electromagnetic interference circuit design, the circuit layout compact and reasonable, with excellent heat dissipation, majority use of patch type chips and electronic components, the product procedure with high security, with relaible industrial quality and stable performance, competence to all kinds of large electromagnetic interference and harsh environment industrial sites, such as arc current, welding current, inverter, and the other workplace can be stable used.

2). I/O: 4-channel full Opto-isolated input and 20-channel relay output; output with super load capacity;

(1) Each of the 20-channel relay are fetch out a normal open point and normal close point, it can control 20 groups of diferent voltage switch;

(2) Each channel relay output the maximum load is 220V 10A, output use special high filter circuit to prevent electric shock ignition, Increase the life of relay.

(3) Two kinds of communication interface is optional: an RS485 interface and an RS232 interface optional;

(4) Three kinds of working methods: Support for independent control, RS232 serial port monitor, RS485 serial monitoring.

(5) Four toggle switches: direct hardware addressing to facilitate multiple network use;

(6) The precise time control: with the system clock enables precise time control;

(7) System stability: with industrial-grade anti-lightning, anti-strong electromagnetic interference, high reliability, no crashes.

(8) Relay working status indicator: Each relay output has a indicator light that easy to observe the working status.

(9) Industrial shell, dustproof, easy for installation: rail or screw mount;

(10) Simple serial communication protocol, the convenience of customers for the secondary development

Performance parameters

1) Working power: workong power of the controller: AC12V or 24V;AC or DC universal; input points Power supply: DC5V ~ 30V, Output points powersupply: 0 ~ 220V AC or DC;

2) The main control chip: Eight high-performance single-chip-microcomputer plus high speed and high stabile FPGA programmmable gate array circuit.

3) Program storage space: 32K (If there is a specific need, can use 64 K);

4) Data storage space: 16K (If there is a specific need, can use 32 K): save the date, data is not lost after power failure;

5) Input and Output: 4-channel full opto-isolated digital inputs, NPN input forms, maximum input current is 10 MA; of which two can be used as an interrupt source used to count, 20-way relay outputs, each output carries a maximum voltage of 220V, Maximum current is 10A, Output using a unique high-frequency signal filter circuit to prevent contacts ignition, increase the life of the relay; Each channel of relay leads to a normally open point and normally closed point, can control 20 different voltage switchs; each relay has a patch type high brightness LED lights to display the working statusof the relay;

6) Precise control of time: with the system clock can be programmed to achieve the year, month, day, hours, minutes, seconds and other systems time operator; system stability: to enable the internal watchdog and rigorous high-frequency filter characteristics make the system work stable and reliable, start-up time within 1ms since crashes ;

7) Two kinds of communication (interface) Optional: 1 RS232 interface, 1 RS485 interface can choose through the short circuit cap. one channel standard RS232 serial communication interface (anti-15KV electrostatic shocks), Can be directly with the computer or text display peripherals communication; directly download the program through the RS232 interface, no need burner to facilitate changes in procedures and upgrade; 1 standard RS485 communication interface (anti-15KV electrostatic shocks and lightning) can be used for RS485 communication.

8) The controller status indication: two LED to display;

9) Four toggle switches: direct hardware addressing to facilitate multiple network use, The controller can also be addressed through software;

10) Two DIP switchs: To set the state of the program or program parameters according to the procedures need.

11) Industrial shell, dustproof and beautiful, Integrated compact design, easy installation: rail or screw mount;

12) Shell dimension: the same as JMDM-COM10MR; Shell:L*W*H: 250mm×110mm×65mm; Internal control panal: L*W*H: 245mm×102mm×40mm;

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 Using instructions

3.1 Hardware connection attentions:

1. JMDM-COM20MR default to the 24V or 12V power supply, AC-DC general-purpose, the controller comes with a rectifier module.

2. Note in strict accordance with product instructions the attached wiring diagram to connect the external digital input section, the connection between the external part of the digital output, controller, power supply; power connection should even more strictly, carefully check the confirmation and then connect, or they will burn out the controller or an external input and output devices;

3. The input signal of the controller using the DC 12V/24V power supply, depending on the operating voltage of the external input device; output 0 ~ 220V AC and DC Can be used, depending on the operating voltage of the load equipment, the controller relay output to an external voltage should match with the corresponding external input and output devices.

3.2 working mode

3.2.1 Independent control mode:

1) To open the electronic version of the technical information supplied with the product: product information, programming software, download software, read again the technical information;

2) According to the instructions accompanying wiring diagram to connect the serial communication line between the computer and controller;

3) Install the Keil C programming software supplied with the product;

4) In the KEIL C software to open the controller C51 sample programs, Refer to the sample programs, modify and write your own single-chip C language program.

5) Compiler and download: after program compiled, use the STC-ISP downloads software to download to JMDM-COM20MR controller;

6) Wiring: Double-check the correct and connect the power supply of the controller; connected external output signal can be independent achieve the output logic and timing control.

7) Communication distance:

The way of RS232 serial control range within 10 meters of one-to-one relationship between the computer and the controller; the maximum communication distance of the RS485 way serial port control is 1.5 KM of one–to-much relationship between the computer and controller, a computer can up to control 255 controllers, each controller can set

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